Case Studies

The following highlight some of the major civil engineering projects that SSR Limited have supplied product often specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demanding project requirements.

Queensferry Crossing (New Forth Road Bridge)

The management team of SSR Ltd were closely involved in the specification, design and manufacture of the Cast in Anchors for the project. The SSR-170 and SSR-175 design was developed for a wide range of applications, for VRS, Lighting Columns, Wind-Shields and Gantries in a range of sizes from M12 X 4 Post to M36 x 16 Post Anchors.

Specifications for materials was enhanced in line with the Transport Scotland requirements for stainless steel designations. DUPLEX grade 1.4462/1.4362 were utilised. A total fo 700 tonnes of stainless steel reinforcemnt grade 1.4362 was used on the project in the initial stages of contruction.

Overall 14,500 cas in anchors were supplied together with standard and special SSR-CA55 and SSR-VDI socket chemical anchors and event special SSR-100 Socket Extensions pieces were manufactured to order.

At all stages SSR Ltd were closely involved in the design and development of product to assist the different construction teams overcome site specific requirements.

Mersey Gateway

A range of SSR-170 and SSR-175 cast in anchors were supplied for the installation of the Vehicle Restraint System and Lighting Columns for the project; mainly in size M24. over 3500 anchors were supplied together with SS-128 drilled in anchors.

M5 Oldbury

M8 Glasgow

A465 Heads of the Valley