1.1“The Seller” means SSR Limited and shall include any subcontractor of the seller.

1.2“The Customer” means the person, firm or company to whom this document is addressed.

1.3 “The Conditions” means the terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and any special terms and conditions agreed in writing by the Seller.

1.4 “The Goods” means the subject matter of the contract and the articles which the Customer agrees to buy from the Seller.

1.5 “The Price” means the price or prices payable for the Goods excluding carriage, packing, insurance and VAT.


2.1 These Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the sale of goods by the Seller to the Customer to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions including any terms or conditions which the Customer may purport to apply under any purchase order, confirmation of order or similar document.

2.2 All orders for Goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the Customer to purchase goods pursuant to these Conditions.

2.3 Acceptance of the delivery of the Goods shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Customer’s acceptance of these Conditions.

2.4 Any variation to these conditions (including any special terms and conditions agreed between the parties) shall be inapplicable unless agreed in writing by the Seller.


3.1 The prices of the Goods shall be the Seller’s quoted price which may be increased at any time up to delivery to reflect any increase in the cost to the Seller which is due to factors after the making of the contract which are beyond the reasonable control of the Seller (including, without limitation, foreign exchange fluctuations, taxes and duties and the cost of labour materials and other manufacturing costs). The Price is exclusive of VAT which shall be due at the rate ruling on the date of VAT invoice.

3.2 Payment of the price and VAT shall be due within the days of credit agreed between the Seller and the Customer in writing following the date of the invoice and time for payment shall be of the essence.

3.3 Interest on overdue invoices shall accrue from the date when payment becomes due from day to day until the date of payment at a rate of 2 per cent per annum above the Base Rate of Barclays Bank PLC from time to time in force and shall accrue at such a rate after as well as before any judgement.


4.1 The Goods shall be supplied in accordance with the description contained in the Seller’s specification or acknowledgement of order.

4.2 The Seller may from time to time make changes in the specification of the Goods which are required to comply with any applicable safety or statutory requirements or which do not materially affect the quality or fitness for purpose of the Goods.

4.3 Photographs, drawings and other illustrations or descriptions contained in any catalogue, price list or brochure of the Seller shall not form part of this contract and no warranty is given the Goods supplied will correspond exactly with those specified in such documents.

4.4 The Buyer shall take delivery of the Goods notwithstanding that the quantity delivered shall be either greater or less than the quantity purchased provided that such discrepancy in quantity shall not exceed 10 per cent and the Price shall be adjusted pro rata to the discrepancy.


5.1 Any time or date for delivery specified in the acknowledgement of order is an estimate only unless other wise agreed between the Seller and the Customer in writing. The failure by the Seller for any cause whatsoever to meet the estimated delivery date shall not entitle the Customer to reject the Goods when they are delivered and the Seller shall not be liable to make good any damage or loss arising directly or indirectly out of such delay.

5.2 Where it is agreed in writing that the Seller shall deliver on a specified date or dates, the Customer shall nevertheless have no claim against the Seller for delay in delivery of, or failure to deliver, the Goods as a result or consequence of strikes, labour disputes or other industrial action, emergency conditions, inability to obtain or delay in obtaining materials, fire, flood or any circumstances not within the control of the Seller and in these circumstances the Seller may suspend delivery until resumption of work and extend the period of delivery to cover such time as is lost.

5.3 For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby declared that no sales person in the employ of the Seller shall have authority to commit the Seller to deliver on a specified date and the Seller shall only be bound by an obligation confirmed in writing and signed on behalf of the Seller by a director of manager.


6.1 No claim for damage in transit, shortage of delivery or loss of goods, will be entertained unless, in the case of damage in transit or shortage of delivery notice in writing is given to the Seller within 48 hours of receipt of the goods and in the case of loss of goods notice in writing is given to the seller within seven days of the date of the despatch (as stated on the invoice).

6.2 The Customer shall afford the Seller an opportunity to inspect the Goods within a reasonable time following delivery and before any use is made of them.

6.3 If a claim referred to in 6.1 is accepted by the Seller the Customer’s sole remedy shall be limited to the Seller the Goods.


7.1 All warranties and conditions whether implied by statute or otherwise are excluded from this contract (save as stated in 7.2) and the Seller shall be under no liability (whether for any breach of contract or otherwise) for any direct loss and/or expense (including loss of profit) suffered by the Customer or liability to third parties incurred by the Customer.

7.2 Condition 7.1 shall not apply to conditions and warranties relating to the quality and/or fitness for the purpose of the Goods if, but only if, the following conditions are satisfied:


8.1 The Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the Goods 48 hours after delivery to the Customer and after acceptance the Customer shall not be entitled to reject the Goods which are not in accordance with the contract.


9.1 All the Goods supplied by the Seller to the Customer under the terms of this contract shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Seller both in law and in equity until the Customer shall have paid the Seller the Price together with the price of any other goods supplied by the Seller to the Customer pursuant to any other contract between them.

9.2 The Customer acknowledges that it is in possession of all the Goods supplied under the terms of this contract solely as bailee for the Seller until the Customer shall have paid the Seller the Price together with the full price of any other goods supplied by the Seller to the Customer pursuant to any other contract between the Seller and the Customer.

9.3 Until such time as in accordance with the above provisions the Customer becomes the owner of the Goods it will store them on its premises (at no cost to the Seller) separately from its own goods or those of any other person and in a manner which make them readily identifiable as the goods of the Seller.

9.4 The Customer’s right to possession of the Goods shall cease if it does anything or fails to do anything which would entitle a receiver or an administrator to take possession of any of its assets or which would entitle any person to present a petition for winding-up the Customer and the Seller may thereupon enter upon any premises where the Goods are stored or where they are reasonably thought to be stored for the purpose of repossessing them.

9.5 Notwithstanding the retention of property in the Goods by the Seller in accordance with the above provisions all the Goods supplied by the Seller to the Customer under the terms of this contract shall be at risk of the Customer as soon as they are delivered by the Seller to the Customer’s premises or otherwise to its order and the Customer shall insure and keep insured the Goods to the full price against “all risks” in the joint names of the Seller and the Customer.

9.6 Until such time as in accordance with the above provisions either the Customer shall have ceased to have the right to retain possession of the Goods or shall have acquired the property in them the Customer is licensed by the Seller to agree to sell the Goods on the Seller’s behalf as agent save that the Customer shall not hold itself out as such but shall sell on its own account and shall hold the entire proceeds of sale as trustee for the Seller and shall pay them into a separate bank account opened for the purpose and approved by the Seller and shall ensure that in no such circumstances are the proceeds mingled with other money or paid into any overdrawn bank account but are at all times identifiable as the Seller’s money.

9.7 If the Customer has not received the proceeds of any such sale it will if called upon to do so by the Seller assign to the Seller within seven days all rights against the person or persons by whom the proceeds are owed.

9.8 The Customer shall promptly deliver the prescribed particulars of this contract to the Registrar in accordance with the Companies Act 1985 PART XII (as amended) and without prejudice to the other rights of the Seller if the Customer fails to do so all sums whatsoever owing by the Customer to the Seller shall forthwith become due and payable.

9.9 Divisibility Clause: Supply of Goods – All orders or ‘Call-Off’ deliveries shall be deemed to be divisible. Each delivery made shall be deemed to arise from a separate contract and shall be invoiced separately; any invoice for a delivery shall be payable in full in accordance with the standard terms of payment, without reference to and notwithstanding any defect of default in delivery of any other instalment.


10.1 If the Customer fails to make payment for the Goods in accordance with this contract or commits any other breach of contract or if any distress or execution shall be levied upon any of the Customer’s Goods or if the Customer offers to make any arrangement with its creditors or if any petition in bankruptcy is presented against the Customer or if (being a limited company) any resolution or petition to wind-up the Customer (other than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction without insolvency) shall be passed or presented or if a receiver administrator, administrative receiver or manager shall be appointed over the whole any part of the Customer’s business or assets or if the Customer shall suffer any analogues proceedings under foreign law all sums outstanding in respect of the Goods shall become payable immediately.

10.2 The Seller in its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights which it may have may suspend all future deliveries of Goods to the Customer and/or terminate the contract without liability upon its part and/or exercise any of its rights pursuant to clause 9.


11. Contracts and orders are accepted subject to the Seller receiving any necessary licence to purchase or to use the required raw materials and to the Seller being able to obtain raw materials.

12.1 All Goods sod in retail packaging may be re-sold by the Customer only in the packaging supplied by the Seller and in no case may any trade mark other than those applied by the Seller be marked on or applied in relation to the Goods.

12.2 No right or licence is granted under this contract to the Customer under any patent, trade mark, copyright, registered design or other intellectual property right except the right to use or re-sell the Goods.

13. Any provision of this contract which is or may be void or unenforceable shall to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability by deemed severable and shall not affect any other provision of this contract.

14. The Customer undertakes for the purpose of the Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974 that it will take all necessary steps to ensure, insofar as is reasonably practicable, that the Goods will be used in a manner which is safe and without risk to health.


15.1 This contract is subject to the Law of England and Wales.

15.2 If any dispute or difference shall arise between the parties as to the meaning of this contract or any matter or thing arising out of this contract then it shall be referred to the determination of an arbitrator to be appointed by agreement of the parties or (in default of agreement within twenty-one days of the service upon one party of a written request to concur in such appointment) by the President for the time being of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.


Prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax and are subject to change without notice.


Our policy is one of continuous development, therefore we reserve the right to modify our products without prior notification.



1.1SSR Limited (“the Company”) is committed to the practice of responsible corporate behaviour and to complying with all laws, regulations and other requirements which govern the conduct of our operations.

1.2. The Company is fully committed to instilling a strong anti-corruption culture and is fully committed to compliance with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation including, but not limited to, the Bribery Act 2010 (“the Act”) and ensures that no bribes or other corrupt payments, inducements or similar are made, offered, sought or obtained by us or anyone working on our behalf.

2. Bribery

2.1. Bribery is defined as the giving or promising of a financial or other advantage to another party where that advantage is intended to induce the other party to perform a particular function improperly, to reward them for the same, or where the acceptance of that advantage is in itself improper conduct.

2.2. Bribery is also deemed to take place if any party requests or agrees to receive a financial or other advantage from another party where that advantage is intended to induce that party to perform a particular function improperly, where the acceptance of that advantage is in itself improper conduct, or where that party acts improperly in anticipation of such advantage.

2.3. Bribery of a foreign official is defined as the giving or promising of a financial or other advantage which is intended to influence the official in order to obtain business or an advantage in the conduct of business unless the foreign official is required or permitted by law to be influenced by such advantage.

3. Consequences of Bribery

3.1. Anyone or any organisation found guilty of bribery under the Act may face fines and/or prison terms. In addition, high legal costs and adverse publicity are likely to result from any breach of the Act.

3.2. For employees of the Company, failure to comply with this Policy and/or with the Act may result in:

3.3. For the Company, any breach of this Policy by any employee or business associate may result in:

4. Responsibility for Compliance and Scope of Policy

4.1. This Policy applies to all employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, business partners and any other parties (including individuals, partnerships and bodies corporate) associated with the Company or any of its subsidiaries.

4.2. It is the responsibility of all of the abovementioned parties to ensure that bribery is prevented, detected and reported and all such reports should be made in accordance with the Company’s Whistleblowing Policy or as otherwise stated in this Policy, as appropriate.

4.3. No party described in section 4.1 may:

4.4. Parties described in section 4.1 must:

5. Facilitation Payments

5.1. A facilitation payment is defined as a small payment made to officials in order to ensure or speed up the performance of routine or necessary functions.

5.2. Facilitation payments constitute bribes and, subject to section 5.3, may not be made at any time irrespective of prevailing business customs in certain territories.

5.3. Facilitation or similar payments may be made in limited circumstances where your life is in danger but under no other circumstances. Any payment so made must be reported to the Managing Director as soon as is reasonably possible and practicable.

6. Gifts and Hospitality

6.1. Gifts and hospitality remain a legitimate part of conducting business and should be provided only in compliance with the Company’s Gifts and Hospitality Policy.

6.2. Gifts and hospitality can, when excessive, constitute a bribe and/or a conflict of interest. Care and due diligence should be exercised at all times when giving or receiving any form of gift or hospitality on behalf of the Company.

7. Charitable Donations

7.1. Charitable donations are permitted only to registered (non-profit) charities. No charitable donations may be given to any organisation which is not a registered charity.

7.2. All charitable donations must be fully recorded in the Hospitality & Gifts Register.

7.3. Proof of receipt of all charitable donations must be obtained from the recipient organisation.

7.4. Under no circumstances may charitable donations be made in cash.

7.5. No charitable donation may be made at the request of any party where that donation may result in improper conduct.

8. Political Donations

8.1. The Company does not make political donations and the Company is not affiliated with any political party, independent candidate, or with any other organisation whose activities are primarily political.

8.2. Employees and other associated parties are free to make personal donations provided such payments are not purported to be made on behalf of the Company and are not made to obtain any form of advantage in any business transaction.

9. Due Diligence and Risks

9.1. The following issues should be considered with care in any and all transactions, dealings with officials, and other business matters concerning third parties:

9.2. Territorial risks, particularly the prevalence of bribery and corruption in a particular country;

9.3. Cross-border payments, particularly those involving territories falling under section 9.1;

9.4. Requests for cash payment, payment through intermediaries or other unusual methods of payment;

9.5. Activities requiring the Company and / or any associated party to obtain permits or other forms of official authorisation;

9.6. Transactions involving the import or export of goods;

Environmental & Sustainabilty Policy Statement

SSR Limited is the UK’s leading supplier of High Performance Anchoring Systems for use in the Construction & Civil Engineering Industries. SBS – Stainless Bar Sales (A Division of SSR Limited) is the leading supplier of Stainless Steel Reinforcement & Accessories for the same markets.

The Environmental Policy of SSR Limited is to ensure so far as it is reasonably practicable that its operations will be carried out with a commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment. The same commitment will be expected to be shown by contractors working for the company.

1.1 This is a fundamental principle of the SSR Limited business.

1.2 The SSR Limited aims to establish a high priority of its principles in the corporate strategy. Concern and awareness for the environment is the responsibility of the Directors/Partners of the SSR Limited.

1.3 The SSR Limited therefore seeks to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation. It also aims to establish higher standards of environmental performance where these are practicable and appropriate.

1.4 The SSR Limited employees have a legal and moral obligation to carry out their duties with concern for the environment. It is a condition of employment that all staff comply with this Environmental Policy.

1.5 In the event of an environmental accident or incident at work, it is a Company requirement that the details are promptly and properly reported to the Directors/Owners who will investigate and take prompt action to make good and avoid recurrence.

1.6 All contractors working on behalf of the SSR Limited are required to adopt environmental standards fully consistent with those of the Company and they are expected to achieve comparable levels of performance as a condition of their contract.


1.7 In accordance with its stated policy, the SSR Limited has produced the following list of objectives as a sound framework for the introduction of practices to implement the Environmental Policy:

1.8 Compliance with Government Legislation and Local Government Regulations

1.9 Swift response to accidents or incidents that have a potential to threaten the environment

1.10 The provision of advice on the safe handling of company products, their transportation and their final disposal to customers, contractors, etc.

1.11 The disposal of any waste products in ways that show concern for the environment

1.12 To use only registered carriers to dispose of waste, and to recycle wherever possible

1.13 To encourage the development of products, processes and equipment with concern for the future of the environment

1.14 To communicate freely on environmental matters with government officials, employees, customers and members of the public

1.15 To provide training for all employees as appropriate to enable them to carry out their job functions in a manner that shows care for the environment

1.16 To carry out environmental audits when required

1.17 To promote environmental principles by sharing experience with regulatory bodies, other companies, employees and members of the public

1.18 In implementing this formal Environmental Policy Statement, SSR Limited will focus on action to conserve resources and energy, to minimise emission to air, water and land and to increase recycling rates

1.19 SSR Limited will also seek to influence legislative developments and improve public understanding of environmental matters concerning the business

1.20 The policy statement will be regularly reviewed and updated as necessary. The management team endorses these policy statements and is fully committed to their implementation.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

Policy Statement

SSR Limited (“the Company”) is committed to achieving a working environment which provides equality of opportunity and freedom from unlawful discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, disability, religion or beliefs, age or sexual orientation. This Policy aims to remove unfair and discriminatory practices within the Company and to encourage full contribution from its diverse community. The Company is committed to actively opposing all forms of discrimination.

The Company also aims to provide a service that does not discriminate against its clients and customers in the means by which they can access the services and goods supplied by the Company. The Company believes that all employees and clients are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.

Objectives of this Policy

To prevent, reduce and stop all forms of unlawful discrimination in line with the Equality Act 2010.

To ensure that recruitment, promotion, training, development, assessment, benefits, pay, terms and conditions of employment, redundancy and dismissals are determined on the basis of capability, qualifications, experience, skills and productivity.

Designated Officer

Name: Paul J Abbott

Position: Director

Telephone Number: 01483 226420

Definition of Discrimination

Discrimination is unequal or differential treatment which leads to one person being treated more or less favourably than others are, or would be, treated in the same or similar circumstances on the grounds of race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, disability, religion or beliefs, age or sexual orientation. Discrimination may be direct or indirect, and includes discrimination by perception and association.

Types of Discrimination

Direct Discrimination

This occurs when a person or a policy intentionally treats a person less favourably than another on the grounds of race, sex, pregnancy and maternity, marital or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, disability, religion or beliefs, age or sexual orientation.

Indirect Discrimination

This is the application of a policy, criterion or practice which the employer applies to all employees but which is such that:

Example: A requirement that all employees must be 6ft tall if that requirement is not justified by the position would indirectly discriminate against employees with an oriental ethnic origin, as they are less likely to be able to fulfil this requirement.


This occurs when a person is subjected to unwanted conduct that has the purpose or effect of violating their dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.


This occurs when a person is treated less favourably because they have bought or intend to bring proceedings or they have given or intend to give evidence.

Unlawful Reasons for Discrimination


It is not permissible to treat a person less favourably on the grounds of sex, marital status, civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, gender reassignment or transgender status. This applies to men, women and those undergoing or intending to undergo gender reassignment. Sexual harassment of men and women can be found to constitute sex discrimination. Example: Asking a woman during an interview if she is planning to have any (more) children constitutes discrimination on the ground of gender.


It is not permissible to treat a person less favourably because of their age. This applies to people of all ages. This does not currently apply to the calculation of redundancy payments.


It is not permissible to treat a disabled person less favourably than a non-disabled person. Reasonable adjustments must be made to give the disabled person as much access to any services and ability to be employed, trained, or promoted as a non-disabled person.


It is not permissible to treat a person less favourably because of their race, the colour of their skin, their nationality or their ethnic origin.

Sexual Orientation

It is not permissible to treat a person less favourably because of their sexual orientation. For example, an employer cannot refuse to employ a person because s/he is homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual.

Religion or Belief

It is not permissible to treat a person less favourably because of their religious beliefs or their religion or their lack of any religion or belief.

Positive Action in Recruitment

Under the Equality Act 2010, positive action in recruitment and promotion applies as of 6 April 2011. ‘Positive action’ means the steps that the Company can take to encourage people from groups with different needs or with a past record of disadvantage or low participation, to apply for positions within the Company.

Health, Safety and Environment

Policy Statement

SSR Limited is the UK’s leading supplier of High Performance Anchoring Systems for use in the Construction & Civil Engineering Industries.

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Company has responsibility for health and safety of employees, customers and others affected by its business operations. We believe that high health and safety standards are a pre-requisite of business efficiency and competitiveness. The company is committed to developing a positive health and safety culture by identifying all workplace hazards and taking appropriate measures to eliminate or control risks.

1. Company Commitments:

2. Implementation, maintenance and review

3. Health and Safety duties of employees:

All employees are required to: